Santa Cruz to Obidos


Here’s my hostel room last night- had it all to myself. It was an International Hostel, I guess they have them all over the place. As you can see below, I had a full bathroom and kitchen, for 15 euros! There was a balcony too, but it was too bright to take a picture. I hope that sink looking thing was a urinal, because I peed in it.



Today was a lovely ride along the coast, very windy. The last two days have been beautiful and peaceful, and my knee didn’t complain at all, I think I made it! It did rain so hard at one point, however, that I had to take a break. It was cold, and I couldn’t see very well while I was riding it was coming down so hard! Then it got hot, and after that cold and windy. My safe harbor in an old bus stop:


I am staying in Obidos tonight. I saw a square tower and what looked like a Roman aquaduct on the way in, but I wasn’t too impressed… until I got into town and realized the wall is HUGE! It takes two hours to walk it. The castle up top looks nice, but I can’t tour it because it is a hotel, has been since the 1950’s. Tomorrow I will have a stroll around that wall, I think. Today I will try to find a place to eat… I tried five places and they are all closed. I swear nothing opens before seven around here. I am realizing that it is definitively the off season… google says it is open and it is not! What’s more, it is Sunday. I am a hungry boy, all the time! Also, I could really use some coffee. All coffee here, especially espresso, is served with sugar.


Wish me luck on the hunt for grub. I am staying at another very nice hostel tonight, I’ll post some pics tomorrow.

My bike is filthy, and needs some work. I look like I have been on the road for six months, I swear. One of my panniers keeps falling off, eventually I will have to fix or replace it.


That red hook is what keeps it on the bike when I go over numerous bumps and curbs and holes and sticks and such. I also need to reattach my front fender; water hits my water bottle and blasts sideways, right at my feet. Small price to pay, but I ought to find a hardware store. I am thinking about a rest day, but I am waiting til a place jumps out at me. I feel good though, I can look ahead again with more optimism now that my engine is in working order again!

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This is a blog about my trip across Europe and Asia. I am back in the States now, and turning this sequence of unedited, flurried and often poorly documented posts into a book, and hopefully a good one. That is proving to be a piece of work, but I am eager to do it. Now I'm back to work, trying to learn a thing or two about welding, get a career opportunity secured, and climb some rocks when I have a chance. Hope you enjoy it, but the book will be better *wink*.


3 thoughts on “Santa Cruz to Obidos”

    1. Gunnar….a bidet is kinda like a sink for the butt. Can wash your feet in it too❗️Ha
      I love to read your blog every day….so very interesting. You are so very articulate❗️❗️😃 Luv U❗️😘


      1. I thought it might be a bidet… I wasn’t impressed with it’s design though, basically just a toilet shaped sink. I thought maybe a bidet would have some high-powered, strategically pointed spout. Ah, well, I’ll figure out how to use one without making a mess one of these days…


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