Lost Photos


A little surprising piece of the home country in Italy…

Pics from Italian gorges, the Dolomites, into Austria. The snail I could not remove, so he rode with me for a couple hours before he decided to bail!

The Wet Tent Night

Published by: bipedalgunnar

This is a blog about my trip across Europe and Asia. I am back in the States now, and turning this sequence of unedited, flurried and often poorly documented posts into a book, and hopefully a good one. That is proving to be a piece of work, but I am eager to do it. Now I'm back to work, trying to learn a thing or two about welding, get a career opportunity secured, and climb some rocks when I have a chance. Hope you enjoy it, but the book will be better *wink*.


2 thoughts on “Lost Photos”

  1. Good pictures❗️ Escargot 🐌…..Dinner⁉️ I guess one would not fill you up❗️😏. Great to hear from you again….Love You 😘.


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